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Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Time:12:31 am.
OK, so I've been working on an idea, and besides trivial things like "overpriced" and "overcomplicated" I think I'm making quite good progress on the idea.

So at work there is a coffee maker and sometimes people make coffee in the afternoon. On several occasions there was coffee made that went to waste because the person making it didn't inform others of the presence of fresh coffee.

Thinking of a technical solution for this resulted in my idea for a "late pot button" that people could press and it would post to twitter that there had been a late pot of coffee brewed. Pushing a button is much easier than walking down a few halls and telling people.

At this point I decided it would be an interesting project, so I've been working on that concept.

I've decided to use an Arduino for the brains of the device. An arduino is simply a tiny little computer that can do some things and is easy to write programs for. The one I got was from AsyncLabs and supports wireless connections, which I thought would be quite useful for porting to twitter.

Since the initial idea of the button, though, there have been a few modifications that have slowed this down. There would certainly be times where people would make coffee and not push the button. There would also likely be times where people saw a button and pressed it because it is a button. Button-avoidance would be great.

So, I came up with the idea of measuring the temperature -- if the coffee maker got hot it would signal that coffee had just been made.

My dad had an even better idea -- go based off of weight.

I've currently scrapped the idea of posting to twitter and will probably just have it serving a local web page that tells you about how many cups are left. When this number goes up (allowing for coffee-pouring, of course), then it is likely that someone has started to make a pot of coffee. In addition to the webpage, alerts should be sent to interested parties. I'm also thinking that it would be very possible to create graphs of available coffee levels.

So currently I have my Arduino and just need a pressure sensor, a spring, and some housing for the thing (which the coffee maker will likely sit upon).

Is it worth it? Welllllll... it's an interesting project, but I don't think people are going to be pounding down my door for one... interesting learning experience, though.

cost: this will totally never pay for itself -- the project is going to cost more than the cost of lots of wasted coffee
wireless: wireless config on the little device isn't great and has to be (not-easily) reconfigured every time you're going to be connecting to a new wireless network
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Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Time:9:32 am.
Whatcha gonna do when your monkey's cold and hungry?
Whatcha gonna do when you wake up hungry too?
You'd better go downtown and get some tasty muffins
'cause monkeys in mittens want muffins with You.
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Friday, February 19th, 2010

Time:1:26 pm.
The Scooby gang all looked dejected
were their crime-fighting skills not perfected?
Things were going great
at the parks' entrance gate
until they had their meddle detected
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Monday, November 16th, 2009

Time:10:04 am.
Since Christmas season is fast approaching, I thought I'd give out my idea for a new holiday special. They should make a sequel to Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas called Juan Armadillo's Mariachi Christmas. It can be a similar fun and touching story but with a south of the border flair. Making it a sequel would be the hard part, since I'm not sure how you'd get from Juan to the Otter.
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Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Time:6:24 pm.
While at the Jamaican restaurant I realized I had finished my soda, I had asked for a second one, and if you think I'd let that go you're mad, but soon the helpful waiter assured me that I had another Ting coming. (another Ting coming)

(Apologies to Judas Priest for that rather weak pun there)
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Friday, August 28th, 2009

Time:12:18 am.
If you go to a science fiction convention intent on getting a Mogwai as seen in Gremlins, but just describe it as the little cute furry thing that ends up being a bad idea to own, you're really just asking for tribble.
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Friday, August 21st, 2009

Time:5:15 pm. -- way to expand my musical range!

So I decided to listen to some Frank Black and similar music on

Song 1: Frank Black
Song 2: Frank Black and the Catholics
Song 3: Black Francis
Song 4: The Pixies

I'm not opposed to this playlist progression at all, but it is funny that Pandora just played four different bands for me.

During song 4 it made me log in so I didn't get a chance to see what it would do for song 5, but when I had it start up with Frank Black again I got Frank Black, the Pixies, and now it's Frank Black and the Catholics.

Seven songs in and Frank Black has been singing every song I've heard.
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Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Time:9:46 am.
Our Dear Leader - a new idea!
(I got it while at ikea)
go from Kim to Bjorn
Wear a hat with a horn
And our country will be Norse Korea


And two about the Best Show, at Scott's Request

If it weren't for that show called Monk
Tom's dresser would be his car's trunk
On the air? not impressed!
And it must be stressed
That the "Best Show" is nothing but junk

And a more positive one:

Scott thinks the Best Show is dandy
It's a bit of radio candy!
The callers so fun!
it is number one!
(unless you count Ken and Andy)
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Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Time:9:33 am.
A very odd contest

Last year he'd won the hunt for owl
dispatched fifteen, just with a trowel
To win this years award?
Thirty geese with a sword
and the trophy said Murder Most Fowl.

And a sequel, for Scott, who encouraged a limerick that was about saving the birds:

It's a good thing your last arrow missed!
K. Scott would surely be pissed
he just likes to look
write them down in a book
it ISN'T a taking-life-list!
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Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Subject:Some quite random things that I thought of over the weekend.
Time:9:30 am.
Costume idea: get a conical hat, wear lots of felt and possibly a beard. Decorate the costume with double helix designs and possibly with the letter A, C, G, and T. You are now a g-nome.

So over the weekend I was arrested for public urination. My trial is on Thursday, but I'm not worried. I checked the law and apparently the entire jury is going to be made up of pee-ers.
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Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Time:10:06 am.
While crossing the river, the party was set upon by the rare Carmina Pirhana. The Carmina Pirhana is unique among fish species for the distinctive sounds it makes that are audible even out of the water. All of the party were either lost or badly hurt. Four dead, three wounded badly, zero fortuna.
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Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Time:1:11 pm.
Zubbles!!!!!!  Zubbles!!!!!

They're here! I got zubbles! They are AMAZING! Brightly colored bubbles! The solution is rather thin, so you get little bubbles, mostly, and you get some brightly colored pink stuff on your hand, but then you touch it and the pink goes away to magic land!

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Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Subject:holy shit, Zubbles!
Time:2:23 pm.
Who just spend 21 bucks for two leeetle teeny bottles of zubbles? ME.

You can too!

I've been waiting for this for so long!

(now they just need to get them and send them to me, they're still pre-order)

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Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Subject:Chairthrower's nephew or cousin? ahead of the curve.
Time:9:19 pm.
A while back mrfantasy 's nephew or cousin put some shag carpeting into his Scion. Apparently he was ahead of trends, because now the Nissan Cube optionally comes with a circle of shag carpeting on the dashboard. Yay shag?
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Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Time:11:34 pm.
White castle is now selling sandwiches by using furry porn. This is deeply disturbing.

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Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Time:10:07 pm.
So a little while back I was complaining about how Twitter just annoys me.  I made a comment about how it's just people saying "mmmm, sandwich".

Shortly after making that statement I checked kingfox 's twitter account and found his most recent update:

"Yesterday I made sure to twit best sandwich in NYC, as today I eat best sandwich in the NYC area. Mmmmmm."  8:18 AM Apr 9th from mobile web


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Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Subject:See Appendix B.
Time:3:45 pm.
As many of you know, I am now appendixless.  About 10 days ago I was feeling horrible, went to the Emergency Room and they removed my perforated, gangrenous appendix.  It burst on the way out, with a first-hand report comparing it to Baghdad.  While he likely meant a warzone, with the liberal spraying of infectious material everywhere, it would also be in the running for the cradle of civilisation.  After two days in the hospital they sent me home, gave me some painkillers and antibiotics and told me to come back in 10-14 days and to not work for the next two weeks.

The first week was pretty rough, with a few fevers, another trip to the emergency room where they checked for an abcess which luckily wasn't there and took tons of blood, pain, and general lousyness.  Cory came down over the weekend, picked me up at the hospital and took me home.  Over the next days I was feeling much better and wasn't even taking anything for pain by the time she left on Sunday.  I was even well enough to go to Five Guys and eat almost an entire  little bacon cheeseburger and about 15 of Cory's fries.  I continue to improve daily, and am now pain-free for most of the day, I can move around a bit, and am getting less constantly-tired.

Today I left the house on my own for the first time to go get some blood taken in anticipation of my followup on Thursday.  It was very exciting, what with the walking and the being somewhere besides my house or the hospital.  I then went to Whole Foods because I figured that they'd have vitamin e that I could put on my future scars to prevent scarring.  They had some, so once the tiny little bandages become unglued, I'll start using that.

It was a big day today, and by the time I was in the grocery store I'd started feeling tired and things hurt.  I came home and took a big nap.  Apparently I'm not quite as recovered as I thought I was, but I'm still not doing too bad, all things considered.
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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Subject:FRIGID Festival
Time:12:45 am.
I went to see three shows as part of the FRIGID festival in NY.  Over the course of 13 days they are putting on 150 shows in three theaters -- very impressive!  The performers get 100% of the box office and are from various places -- NY, Totonto, San Francisco.  They are running through Sunday, so it isn't too late to find a show or three to go to!

Now And At The Hour -- a one-man magic show - This show was ok, but knowing how a lot of card tricks work was a distraction.  His emotional content ruled the day, though, more than making up for his mechanics, which were occasionally spotty.

Jet of Blood or The Ball of Glass -- it's art, guys. - This show was entertaining, I liked it a lot.  It is certainly the sort of show that could have ended with someone saying "it's art, guys" but it was well done.

Jihad for Vent and Dummy -- a ventriloquist act. - This one is worth seeing.  A career-topper for the ventriloquist, who we accompany on a discussion of reality.  This is either excellent or BRILLIANT and should not be missed.
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Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Time:5:20 pm.
The New York FRIGID Festival is coming soon and I'm going to three of the shows:

Now, And At The Hour - Join award winning performer and critically acclaimed magician, Christian Cagigal as he takes you onto a journey through Time and Reflection. Not a mere series of tricks, Christian Cagigal weaves magic, mind reading, story telling and theatre into an intimate, interactive and altogether "slightly creepy" magical experience.-Wed Feb-25 at 9:00PM

Jet Of Blood Or The Ball Of Glass - A visceral and violent look at humanity, both funny and disturbing. Love, loss, sex, religion and violence collide, pushing the world into apocalypse. What once seemed beautiful becomes a chaotic hell. The discovery of Truth is imminent…as are scorpions.-Sat Feb-28 at 1:00PM

Jihad For Vent And Dummy - A deadly puppet skirmish that pulls your strings. Theatre, frivolity and horror collide. Welcome to the Ruby Lounge for a shocking confession. Actor/ventriloquists Ron Coulter and Sid Star say, “You may never again believe in belief or other weapons of mass distraction.”-Mon Mar-02 at 9:00PM

Those are the shows and times I'm going to -- if anyone would like to go with me, that would be awesome!  Shows are cheap, either $11 or $15 for the ones I'm going to, or go to three for $30!

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Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Subject:Happy Holidays!
Time:2:19 pm.
Wow, Ruckus Wireless has an excellent holiday message on their website. Keep in mind that this is a company that wants to sell you thousands of dollars in wireless network equipment.
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